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Chic by name, chic by nature.
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I am so excited to play :D
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Posted cheap !!
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I posted!
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Tinychat is back

Dejo la sala abierta, si se anima pues le pillaremos el gustillo :*
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Thanks for Supporting :)

You all are amazing!!
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Hello everyone! How are you?

In the week a lot of fake accounts was disturbing our game.
I banned all the accounts that I can prove that is it fake/multis.

I'm studying a way to evict the fake accounts automatically but by the moment I just block the register of new users temporarily. I hope it will let out members play in peace and have fun.

If you have a friend that you want to invite to site. Lemme know by Skype that I'll help them to create an account.

Thank you so much!
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Good Morning

Our site will pass by a server maintence today.

So dont worry if it shut down for some hours.

Thank you!
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Amo mi satira

de pies a cabeza no hay nadie mas hermoso que yo!
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graciassssssss< 3

a ti que me dices que me amas y me engañas y me echas cuando te interesa, pero sabes que??? no importa yo seguiré siendo como soy y no... no te haré daño en ningun momento.... porque?? porque soy buena gente con defectos pero buena gente..
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I don't speak Portuguese :( don't hate me! I'm here for fun
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