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sorry its taking so long for the giveaway i promised on a Wednesday!
im trying to be active but i have so much stuff to do right now and i have like 18 coins i think so the first person to comment will get a gift and everyone in the giveaway im gonna try to gift everyone in it as sooon as possible! ty!
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Hello everybody

I changed some ideas about Virtulife and probably we will have some week without updates.

I saw that the most of peoples access the site by phone so I think they need to have a good experience. I'm taking advantage of this to learn about mobile experience and I hope you all will like what I'm preparing.

I'll tell you when I have some news.
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Sor Benita ganadora
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Hi everyone

Whats up?
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Hello Bitches

Yerba mala nunca muere :$
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I had some problems

And the updates will need to wait next week.

I'm sorry
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Anyone has designs for me to use?

I didn't expect to get a shop with 4 coins lol.
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Rezen por mi

Y por mi familia.
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